UAV Insurance

The unmanned aircraft industry is in a unique period of rapid growth in Australia. With so many uses for business and pleasure, from photography to safety and agricultural to infrastructural use, they are proving to be popular purchases. UAVs generally have a price tag well into the thousands, so are an asset like any other that requires adequate protection from financial loss. That‘s where UAV insurance comes in.

  • Managing the financial risks of owning a UAV

    Many Australians are realising that owning a UAV is either a fun hobby, a lucrative business or a combination of both. However, like any aerial activity, flying a UAV can involve numerous risks. Crash landings, inclement weather, theft, and physical obstacles within the built and natural environment are just some of the factors that can cause damage or loss when it comes to unmanned aircraft. Risking your investment in your UAV, accessories and related equipment is just not worth it.

    UAV insurance is now available in Australia through aviation insurers. Selected insurers in Australia now offer UAV insurance coverage solutions, for commercial applications, specifically suitable to business owners of unmanned, remotely-operated aircraft. Specifically, most aviation insurers offer insurance of unmanned aircraft/drones for commercial use.

  • Finding the right UAV insurance for your unmanned aircraft

    Business users of UAVs may find contacting their insurance broker will be the fastest way to find the best commercial UAV insurance policy. A search of the Internet will result in a number of insurance brokers if your business doesn‘t have one. If you are looking to ensure your UAV for personal use, you will need to check your home and contents insurance for inclusions and shop around.

    For more information on UAV Insurance contact - Bill Owen Insurance brokers

UAV Finance

Looking to buy your first UAV or upgrade your UAV, but wondering how to pay for it? It is possible to finance a UAV purchase, regardless of whether you are purchasing a UAV for a hobby or as an essential part of your business.

  • Personal finance for your next UAV purchase

    If you plan to use the UAV/drone for personal use such as a hobby, the finance available would generally be in the form of an unsecured personal loan. A personal loan for your UAV is a great option as it offers flexibility - you can apply for any amount that suits your budget (subject to approval of course) to fund your UAV but also any extras that you need which could be UAV accessories and parts or anything else for that matter.

  • Business finance for your next UAV purchase

    If business use is the purpose of your new UAV, you may be able to get a loan secured to the business or some other asset. Secured loans have the benefit of a lower interest rate. You may also be able to extend existing finance arrangements such as a line of credit or overdraft facility to fund your drone purchase. For some businesses, particularly sole traders, an unsecured personal loan may be a flexible and easy answer.

  • Before getting UAV finance for your drone

    Get your financial details together even before contacting a finance broker or provider. Have your payslips or tax returns ready to document your income. You can also have your expenses listed out and backed up with receipts, bank statements etc. Businesses can use their profit and loss statements, balance sheets and bank statements to verify revenue and expenses.

  • Why consider taking UAV finance

    As the unmanned aerial vehicle industry takes off, UAV technology is improving rapidly. As these remotely piloted aerial vehicles become better and better, sometime the pricetag seems just out of reach. By accessing UAV finance, you can purchase the very best UAV for your needs without being limited by a bank balance.

  • The first step to getting the best UAV finance deal

    Contact FinLease to secure finance for your UAV.


UAV Mechanics

Has a rough landing left your unmanned aircraft a little worse for wear? Looking for someone to service your drone? No matter what state your UAV is in, an experienced UAV mechanic can get your machine flying again. As flyers of UAVs ourselves, the team at UAV Trader can relate to that sinking feeling as your UAV crash lands, falls from the sky or simply won‘t even start.

Modern unmanned aircraft are state-of-the-art aerial equipment with a multitude of component parts and often, complex accessories. So, when it comes time for a service or repair, you want to be sure that the UAV technician knows what they are doing.

  • Finding a UAV repair and service professional

    Servicing and repair of unmanned aircraft is a growing area of expertise, however the technology is still relatively new. This means finding a convenient, local UAV service or repair shop can have its challenges. Here are the tips direct from the UAV Trader team:

  • Contact the manufacturer

    the manufacturer of your drone may in fact offer servicing themselves or have a list of UAV service providers in your area.

  • Scour the internet

    Despite rapid unmanned aircraft industry growth, due to the "newness" of the drone industry, search results for terms like "unmanned aircraft service" may not uncover a service provider in your immediate vicinity. Try using specific search terms such as your suburb, your UAV brand and try the various names for UAVs such as "drones", "unmanned aircraft" etc.

  • Seek out experience

    Many UAV mechanics will have experience in aviation. If a service provider has a long background of servicing manned aircraft, chances are they have a deeper understanding of UAVs than some other technicians.

  • Ask about warranties

    once you do find a technician, ask about the warranties on their work. A competent UAV service person should be happy to provide this peace of mind. Happy flying.

    For more information on UAV mechanics contact - Drone Doctor


  • The perfect UAV job could be here

    There is no doubt that the rise in UAV technology, means growth in UAV jobs across a range of industries. If you have experience flying UAVs/drones, a UAV job could be your next career move.

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